You've discovered Rouge Fonce - a dark cabaret rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Would you care for some Death Cabaret?

All bookings and enquiries: michelle@rougefonce.com

Rouge Fonce is going on a hiatus after March. Our last show for the foreseeable future will be March 8 at Mr Boogie Man Bar. You can still buy singles and merchandise - see below. ALSO - look out for the release of our debut album in late 2014!!

Tshirts are now 50% off!

Rouge Fonce's newest single, "The Carousel", is now available for download on iTunes! Produced by Red Black.

Their previous single, "Devious Eyes" is available for download on iTunes or on the Music Page. Produced by Red Black.

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LAST SHOW - March 8, Mr Boogie Man Bar, Abbotsford



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