Rouge Foncé (pronounced roozh fon-SAY) are a dark cabaret rock band from Melbourne. Prepare to be seduced by the provocative vocals, haunting melodies, and macabre storytelling rock that Rouge Foncé bring to the burlesque revival scene. In the spirit of bringing together the worlds of rock and burlesque, they often have burlesque noir dancer Kerryx perform during their set. Once described as “The Dresden Dolls meets Hole”, their live show is not one to be missed.

They are a five-piece band comprising of: Lola Jane (vocals), Michelle (bass, vocals), Weezel (keyboards), Sarah (drums) and Rob (lead guitar). Since their first gig in 2009, they have exploded onto the live scene, playing at venues such as The Corner Hotel, The Evelyn Hotel, Ruby’s Lounge, the Esplanade, the Arthouse, Cherry Bar, DV8, Tony Starr’s Kitten Club, and more. 2010 ended with them billed as second-from headliners at the 2010 EUCHRONIA Steampunk New Year’s Eve Ball. They have supported many Australian artists including Dave Graney, The Woohoo Revue, and The Vultures of Venus and international artists Voltaire, Theremina and Christian Death. They have received airplay and been interviewed on a number of radio stations including RRR, PBS, 3WBC 94.1 FM (Box Hill), The Pulse 94.7 FM (Geelong), 3CR 855AM (Fitzroy), and SYN FM 90.7 (Melbourne).

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